NBM 3.7 w sp3 and FP4B on NW 5.1 sp 7 all patched up to the levels
recommended on Craig's website.

Ever since upgrading to bm37sp3, and SurfControl v6, and nw51sp7, the
server has been extremely unstable. We were running Innoculate or
eTrustAV on this at the time of the upgrade, but have since disabled it
to try to figure out what is wrong.

The server also runs the Enterprise Web server, GW MTA, GW WebAccess, and
GW GWIA. We have tried running just these pieces by themselves and the
box is stable.

At bm37sp3 the box was unstable and abended at proxy.nlm. Same after
adding bm37fp4a. Tried bm37fp4b and now we get abends in aclcheck.nlm.
Seems like whenever something hits a SurfControl rule we get abends - but
that is just a guess.

Tried reinstalling SurfControl v6. No change. We have cleared proxy
cache and DNS proxy multiple times (and even cleared proxy cache manually
after finding 128 files stuck in there).

I am tempted to back rev the ACLCHECK.NLM to an earlier version, but did
not know if I have to backrev the rest of the files updated in the fp4b
to maintain compatibility.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.