NetWare 6.5 SP1, BorderManager 3.8 SP1, Compaq Support Paq 7.0 on a Compaq
ProLiant ML310, I'm using BM just for proxy.

Having just changed ISPs, I'm reconfiguring BM's parent proxies, and I get
the attached abend, after rebooting it abends again as BM is loading.

Renaming Proxy.nlm, rebooting and unticking proxy cache hierarchy client
before renaming Proxy.nlm back and loading it fixes the abend loop. It
doesn't abend after that, even after reboots.

The strange thing is that if I unload Proxy.nlm before I make the changes in
NWAdmn32, Proxy.nlm is auto-loaded without errors and the changed settings
work fine.

Anyone else seen this problem?