I have just recently installed BM3.8 on my 6.5 server. I previously had
BM3.7 on my 6.5 server (which I know was not compatable but worked!).
After uninstalling 3.7 and installing 3.8 everything looked good however,
I still have some win98 PC's on my network. With 3.7, when these PC's
click on IE it would take them to my BM secure page which was
https:\\<ipaddress of my server>.......

Now that I have installed BM3.8 it has changed this to https:\\<name of
server>..... and I don't have internal DNS running therefore I don't get
my web page. I can get round this by adding the client trust into the
login script but, if anyone can tell me where I can change this setting
it would be a great help.