Currently we have a BM3.7 to do NAT, site-to-site VPN and client-to-site
VPN. It is under the root of the NDS.

We want replace this server with a new physicial server and install BM
3.8 on it. We will put this new BM within (its own?) container under

Our goal is to minimize the downtime.

This is my intended procedure schetch. Please advice which are working,
which are not. Especially in the preparation phase, what I can do, and
what I can not.

1. Prepration:
a. Put the new server in a new container,install all the necessary
components for BM3.8. But without configure and start BM related
b. On a window PC, install the iManager, but without the LDAP

2. On the switch time:
a. Take the old BM 37 box out of the tree
b. Configure BM 38 box services
c. Test the BM 38 services

3. If failed
a. Take the new BM 38 box out of the tree
b. Put the old BM 37 box back to the tree

Thanks for your help!