I have 3 Netware Servers:
1) for files and printers.
Netware 5.1 holds NDS Master Replica
2) for GroupWise
Netware 5.1 with GroupWise 5.5 and GWIA
3) Border Manager 3.5
Server 5.0

Each server is in different OU container
Itís like this
|---MAIN_SERVER_CONTAINER -> first server
|---GW_SERVER_CONTAINER -> second server (GW)

I must change BM 3.5 to BM 3.8.
First I upgraded Netware 5.0 server to Netware 6.0 (from Small Business
BOX) and applied NW6SP4a.
Second I upgraded NDS to E-Directory shipped wit BM 3.8.
Next I removed BM 3.5 from prodcts.dat by NWConfig.
Next I installed BM3.8 and applied last service pack.
After restoring old filters exceptions and
exporting them to NDS, everything works fine.
I have only problem with BM server object in NDS.
This object is marked by ? and
I'm not able to administer BM. I can't mirror partitions
and changing BM configuration by NWAdmin and consoleOne.

Iíve read in Knowledge Base that, this problem may be corrected only by
removing NDS form the BM server and install NDS again. Maybe someone
knows easiest way to correct this problem.

If I must reinstall NDS on
BM server then I try to do this.
1) Backup NDS with my backup software.
2) Remove NDS from BM server
3) Install NDS on BM server
4) Restore all objects except BM Server object from backup
Do you think it may work?

THA, Jasio