Hi Adam,

some while ago I had a project successfully running under Mono 1.2.3; I've also used
the events.
This project is somewhere on a dev HDD - I'll try to locate it for you if you still
need it??


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> Preston Stephenson wrote:
>> I won't have time in the foreseeable future to look at it.
>> In some of the previous postings, someone found a problem with
>> SendOptions that caused problems with mono.
>> In the past when I've had to debug problems like this, I comment
>> out all of the schema except the loginRequest, logoutRequest and
>> only those elements needed to support those requests. I get that
>> working and start adding in requests until I identify the problem
>> element(s). I hope that helps.

> Appreciate your feedback on this. The issue has been updated and it would appear
> its partly
> to do with issues in the WSDL definition (some parses appear stricter than others)
> and in the
> XML handling ability of Mono.
> Latest updates appear here
> https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=336739
> With this in mind, does anyone have a working subset WSDL/Schema that supports the
> basics, login/logout, getEventsRequest/getEventsResponse and Events ?
> Thanks in advance!
> Adam
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