I'm still with my archiving interface (nearly finished) and I'm doing a
lot of testing. I have already found, that each login as a User with the
TA key must be closed by a logout (that gave me a really nice Abend on
my GW/NetWare server).
Now I still get some Abends that could be related to my interface
polling the POA. They happen in completely diffrent modules, but the
server was abolutely stable before.
In my code I first do a GetUserlistRequest. After that I login as TA
with all that users and look for new messages to archive.
Does that GetUserlistRequest already establish a connection that must be
closed ?
My interface is running on a diffrent box (currently a Linux VM), that
Server is a NetWare 6.5, Sp6 Groupwise 7.0.2HP.