I create mails with gwws.jar in the Work in Progress folder. The users open these mails with the original GroupWise client (7.0.3) to modify the body content. If the recipient email address is in the format like donald.duck@ducktales.com and you click on the send button than this address is truncated to donald@ducktales.com. In the outbox you can see the correct address but Groupwise uses definitly the truncated one. After a couple of days I found a workaround - if you open the mail and make a double click on the recipient address everything works correct.

When I create a mail in the GroupWise client (7.0.3) and save the message in the Work in Progress folder, open it and click on the send button directy, everything works correct.
This behaviour is only with gwws.jar - created mails. Is this a bug?

Thomas Borkert
gemida.de GmbH