I understand there was a bug in 7.0.2 and previous concerning registering
for events. After registration and if there are other trusted applications
also registered for the same event, but with a different key. If any events
are deleted the events will be deleted for all keys.

Has this been fixed in 7.0.3.Is there any bug description out there? Url.

Another thing, we made a workaround for this bug, by using the since flag
and keeping the events in their accounts. By default Groupwise will delete
them after a while. I was wondering, is it possible for an account to get
"full" of events, so after a while no more events will get added and we wont
get notified that there is a new event?

We are seeing on some of our systems that after registering for events (and
getting notified), certain accounts just dont send us any notification. We
havent been able to pinpoint yet. If any other developers are seeing the
same issues have you found out what the cause might be?

Any help would be appreciated.