BM 3.7 SP2 with Field Patch 3

The status of ICP seems to be correct and functional. ie: Hub server and 2
ICP childs. The Parent is configured to except the 2 childs and is
reflected in the status of the server. It is also configured so that the
childs must go through the parent.

The configuration seems correct and works but when the users at the child
sites access the web the BM server displays ICP Parent Not Reachable
(sometimes multiple times) but surfing still works. (the childs are setup
to point to the parent). ICP timeout is set to 5 secs and latency between
the sites is fine.

The way the Cisco pix's are setup is that browsing is only allowed from
the parent BM server so this would mean the child BM servers can only go
through the parent anyway.

Any ideas

PS: I came across a thread which was posted here in 2002 that mentioned a
similar scenaro when he upgraded from BM 3.6 to 3.7 with fp3 and the
messages started appearing even though everything still was working.
Unfortunatly I could not find the responses to the thread.