Hi Preston,

is it posible to get a document with getAttachmentRequest ?
Or even better with the new streaming API ?

If not, I think you should consider it,
as I can only guess what happens for very
large documents if I call updateVersionStatusRequest
to get the data...


"Preston Stephenson" <PStephenson@gw.novell.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> You use getLibraryItemRequest to get a library,
> document or version.
> You use updateVersionStatusRequest to checkin,
> checkout, view or reset the status of a
> document version.
> If you checkout or view a version, the data comes back
> in the part element of the response.
> To checkin a version, you pass in the data in
> the part element of the request.
> You use getItemsRequest on a library to get all
> documents.
> You can filter on the subject, all text, creator,
> author to refine the search.
> You can get a particular document, by using
> getLibraryItemRequest. You can't get a list of
> of documents by document number. You can't search
> on documentNumber.
> You use getItemsReqest on a document to get all
> versions of the document. You can also filter on
> the version creator, description or text.
> You use getItemsRequest on a version to get all
> of the version events on that version.
> This is documented in the documentation in
> http://developer.novell.com/wiki/index.php/Gwsoap
> I also recopied the preliminary docman documentation
> to ftp://ftp.novell.com/outgoing/docman.pdf
> It just contains information about docman, so it
> is a little easier to find.
> Let me know if you still have questions.
> Preston
>>>> On Thursday, November 30, 2006 at 2:33 PM, kcr<kcr@lector.dk> wrote:

>> Hi.
>> I'm trying to read a document using C#. But i simply can't find a way to
>> do this!!!
>> I have an database with document numbers, ie. 5563,84654,4629 and
>> library
>> names. If I try to filter the getItemsRequest, using the library as the
>> container, I get a lot of DocumentRef's.
>> Now! How do I get a document and the contents from a DocumentRef?
>> Second. How do i filter the getItemRequest, so it only returns the
>> document(s) i'm looing for? It look like "document_number" isn't
>> implented
>> as a filter field?!.
>> Regards
>> Kim Rasmussen