I'm still with my archiving application (see some posts before). Now
I've got a new problem:

I scan the mailboxes for new Items using SOAP (the read cursor calls,
with retention TS). Because I have to send the items with SMTP to the
archiving box (it's an appliance called EMA), I fetch the mails etc.
using IMAP, then they come in the right format and I only have to
forward them. Now the problem:

When everything is (and was) English, there are no problems with
foldernames etc, except that the / (root folder) in SOAP is dispayed in
Mailbox and Sent Items in the GW Client and as INBOX and Sent Items in IMAP.
It now seems to me that depending on the GroupWise Version (and POA
Language) the Mailbox was created and the Version and Language the first
Client that connected to that box, the names in the Client, visible via
SOAP and visible via IMAP differ completely.
Because I have to select the folder in IMAP first (before getting the
mail using the GUID), I need the correct IMAP folder name, otherwise I
can't get the message.

Thanks a lot for your help