Hi all,

I have a question about forwarding emails using the SOAP API. I need to
forward some emails from a GW mailbox to a given email address, which might
be another GW mailbox on the same post office or it might be an external
email address.

I'm using forwardRequest to get the forward item and use this view: "default
peek message attachments" to get email data. I add a single extra attachment
to the forwarded email and change the subject. When I use sendItemRequest to
send the mail, it seems that attachments are not forwarded. I only get
attachments from the original email if I download them one-by-one and attach
them to the mail item that was returned by forwardRequest. Is this the
correct behavior or am I missing something here?

I'm using GW 7.0.3.

Gyorgy Bozoki