I'm using the following getItemsRequest query to fetch items that have a
certain category:

<ns1:view>default recipients message attachments recipientStatus peek</ns1:view>
<value>48B04735.UDOM.PO01.100.1657A31.1.13E16D.1@1 2</value>

This works as expected for received items in any folder, but it does not
retrieve sent items that have the category.

An example response on a mailbox where only one sent item is assigned
the requested category:

<gwm:getItemsResponse xmlns:gwm="http://schemas.novell.com/2005/01/GroupWise/methods" xmlns:gwt="http://schemas.novell.com/2005/01/GroupWise/types">

Is there anything special I have to add to the filter or getItemsRequest
to also return sent items that match the requested category?

Thanks in advance,
Jeffry Sleddens
Hogeschool Rotterdam / Rotterdam University