I'am creating appointment starting on one day with end date another
(next) day. For example starting 01/15/09 18:00, ending 01/16/09 15:00.
Everything is fine, until I add reccurence rule - for example every
tuesday. When I add recurrence rule, GW SOAP appears to ignore the end
date and sets both start and end date to same value. In groupwise client
it looks like the appointment has no duration set.

I don't know... maybe I'am doing something wrong. I even tried code from
NDK sample GWRecur.java (createTuesdays method), just changed the duration.

end.set( Calendar.MINUTE, 30 );

end.add( java.util.Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY, 24 );

If i set number of hours to add to smaller value (so that the event
doesn't span multiple days) the appointment is created OK. If it's
longer, no duration is set.

Is there something I shoud do to create recurring appointment whith end
date on another day than start date ?

Petr Kures