The documentation for the AttachmentInfo class documents a new "isPersonal" field (boolean). The documentation says that:

"In GroupWise 8, users can add personal attachments to receive [sic.] items. This value is true if the attachment is a personal attachment."

(I think it should be /receive/received/ ...)

If I understand this right, there's only one AttachmentInfo object per message, right? (Which, itself, contains a collection of AttachmentItemInfo objects, one for each attachment...)

Assuming this is true, I have a few questions:
Is it possible to have personal attachments and non-personal attachments on the same message? If so, is this field just meant to mean "there are personal attachments present in the collection"?
Is there a way to tell if a particular attachment, represented by an AttachmentItemInfo object, is personal or not?
Wouldn't it make more sense to put the "isPersonal" property on an AttachmentItemInfo object, rather than an AttachmentInfo collection? (Or is it just that the documentation is wrong? I haven't examined the WSDL yet...)