Hi, I have a client who wants to upgrade a NW 6 sp4 BM 3.7 server to BM
3.8. It is used as only a caching server with clntrust. It only has one
nic. It has no filters or VPN.

My question is LDAP and Imanager does not work on the server and looking
at TIDs and newsgroups it looks like it can get pretty hairy to repair
this. Time constraints has the customer wanting to upgrade BM before
time is spent resolving the other issues.

I think the BM upgrade would go fine in this configuration. Does this
sound right or would LDAP and Imanager need to be fixed first?

The BM install should pick up all the previous configuration settings
that it used on BM 3.7 and I don't need Imanage to manage the filters
because there are none.