We are currently running NW5.1 and BM3.7. We are looking to upgrade to new
hardware and NW6.5 with BM3.8. I have seen a lot of posts talking about
installing the new hardware with NW and BM before taking down the existing
server. This seems like it would add several extra steps of changing the
name and IP address once it is all configured so everything pointing to the
old server goes to the new one.

Shouldn't it be possible to do the "New Hardware NW 6.5 Migration" and then
install BM3.8 once the new hardware comes up in NW6.5? I know I can't
install BM3.8 on our existing server without updating the eDir version, so
I was hoping to limit the number of steps by doing the NW upgrade first,
since that will upgrade the eDir on that server as well.

What issues come up with doing the upgrades in this order?

Timothy M. Musa
Community Consolidated School District 93
Carol Stream, IL