We are moving three BorderManager 3.6 servers to 3.8 (w/ NW 6.0 SP3). I
have a couple questions - I assume the CACHE volume(s) still require a
traditional volume and cannot use NSS, correct? I plan on implementing NSS
on the SYS volume because MySQL requires NSS if I remember right.

Second, each of these servers are in separate locations and will be
upgraded at different times. After the migration over to new hardware and
the upgrade to 3.8 has been performed, will there be any problem
re-establishing the VPN from a 3.8 BM server to a 3.6 BM server? In
addition, I assume I have to rebuild the VPN from scratch after the move
has taken place, right?

I plan on using the migration utility to accomplish these moves. In the
past I have had success with the utility, but have never used the tool on a
BorderManager server migration. Someone else been down this road and can
report good news? The server essentially is our webserver for our
intranet/internet sites, our BorderManager server (VPN, proxy), and houses
our GroupWise webaccess agent.

Thanks in advance!