We are running Netware on all servers right now with no clustering (8 Netware servers in the tree total). I have postponed the upgrade/conversion to OES because I am not very comfortable with Linux at the moment. What I'm thinking about doing is beginning using clustering services when we move to OES. So, I have a couple of general questions and would appreciate any insight, suggestions, things to avoid, etc.

I have 4 servers in one location (2 PowerEdge 2900, 1 PE 2800, 1 PE 4600) that I would like to put in a cluster. I'm looking at a Dell PowerVault MD3000 disk array for shared storage. It says it supports SLES so am I correct in assuming it would work with SLES10/OES2 Novell Cluster Services? Would I be able to use NSS on it?

Dell also makes an MD3000i (iSCSI), but I've read a lot of horror stories about iSCSI so I'm leaning towards the direct attached storage? Any comments there?

I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on external storage without some assurance that it will work.

Some services I'm wanting to cluster are:
GroupWise 7 (will be 8 eventually)
Novell DHCP and DNS
ZCM (not sure about this one)

Right now all of these services run on these four servers on Netware, but I want to have the best possible assurance of uptime so clustering seems to be the best solution.

Thanks for the input.