I recently inherited an existing NW65 network running zen 7. I'm rather unsure of some of the "interesting" things the previous administrator did so I'm rather cautious about upgrading to ZCM10.

So I was thinking it would be nice to just setup a new ZCM10 server, create my apps, DLU, etc over there without touching my existing zen 7 install. That way when I'm finished testing my apps, and DLU, I can go to the workstations I want in ZCM10 and set them up, without messing with anything that has been previously done in zen 7.

So my question is... is it possible to setup a new ZCM10 server and not migrate our existing zen 7 stuff over? ZCM10 is not in eDirectory anymore so installing it on a new server shouldn't have any effect on my existing ZEN7 install unless I try to do a migration - correct?