I have a 10.1.3 ZCM server on a SUSE 10.2 platform in a test/non production environment/lan. When the server is re-started the tftp and the pre boot policy services are not running. When I run the novell-zenworks-configure -c SystemStatus command it warns me that those two services are installed but not running. I look into the logs for the services and find the are shutdown. The tftp is shutdown due to "Failed to bind socket". The pre boot policy is shutdown due to "Could not bind to the listening port". If I manually start the two services the start normally with no errors in the logs. Additionally the ProxyDHCP service is not running and needs to be manually started. After these three services are started manually then the PXE boot on the workstation properly works.

What can I check/configure to get these three services to start when the server starts?

Thank you in advance.

Ken S.