I have a NW65SP7 server hosting files. A few mac clients (OS10.5) using the latest Prosoft mac client log into the server and mount a few file shares. The problem is as follows:

- If User A opens a file, they work just fine.

- If User A closes out of the file and then User B tries to access the same file, User B gets an error that they either don't have permissions or the file is in use. They have permissions set properly.

- If I check the server, there is no file lock issued on the file in question.

I've waited up to 10 minutes and the second user cannot access the file. I'm told that in most cases they go to meetings for an hour or so and by the time they come back, another person can access the file. The timeout is probably longer than 10 minutes but less than 60 minutes.

The Prosoft client doesn't appear to have any file lock options in the advanced options page of the preferences tool.

I'm at a loss to explain this behavior and I'm not a mac expert so I'm not sure why this is occurring. Any ideas?