Hey all.

I have an issue and I am not sure how to resolve it.

We have 2 dns zones. One zone is completely internal. The other zone is a
external secondary. It pulls it from the primary.

Our external Zone has all public addresses that are NATed at the firewall.
WWW.domainname.com resolves to a public address but is really an internal
address. We have about 15 addresses like this.

Well, what happens, most of the time, from the internal network, the url
request is resolved correctly to a public IP addressand then goes to the
external interface of the BM server and is not returned to the client.

What we did to stop this is to STOP secondary DNS for that domain and act as
primary to give those addresses an internal address. It worked for a while
but now we are running into all sort of linking problems from our web site.
Anyone using a link within our web site, that goes to our internal domain,
can not get into it from within our internal network.