On a workstation, there is a ZESM client (v3.5.0.144) running. This ZESM client
- was managed by a crashed ZESM server (v3.5.0.144)
- has a (forgotten) uninstall password set

Now I have installed and configured a new ZESM server (v3.5.0.160) and I want it to manage that workstation. How can I achieve this?

Possibility #1
- first I uninstall the old client then install the new one (v3.5.0.160)
- the fatal problem: I can't uninstall the old client since I can't provide a valid uninstall password

Possibility #2
- I upgrade the old client by installing the new client (via SETUP.EXE) on top of the old one
- the fatal problem: this is not supported by SETUP.EXE (it tells me that I must uninstall the old client first)

Possibility #3
- I create an MSI installation package with the upgrade option enabled
- I have used the following command: setup /a /V"STUPGRADE=1" [based on chapter 9.2 of the Installation Guide (install.pdf)]
- the fatal problem: the MSI installation package is not willing to perform the upgrade either: it behaves in the same way as SETUP.EXE (by telling me me that I must uninstall the old client first)

So my question concerning possibility #3:
- how can I generate an MSI package that is willing to upgrade the old client?