Further to the post "Re: Antw: Reply not working on Windows client" Jan-6th
by Massimo, there's a new feature where when replying or forwarding in line,
if you have anything highlighted, that it will only include the highlighted

Is there a way to disable this? I'm sure somebody thought this was a good
idea, but after using the client for a month or so, I'm finding it's
happening more often that I simply clicked by mistake in a blank area of the
email (so the reply shows NO text), or that I had highlighted an email
address in the message and then forwarded (only the email address is there
instead of the whole message), and so on. I can see users complaining.

To my mind I'd prefer this disabled, and if I wanted only part of the text,
I could have simply deleted what I didn't need. Or the reply dialog box
could have a "reply with highlighted text only" or some such...

Any ideas?