I am having a bit of a problem with some very slow logins - approx 5 mins from the login screen until the workstations are useable. It seems after inputting passwords and clicking ok to take the client about 10 seconds to accept passwords, then workstations hang for long periods of time at the blank screen, than again after the windows settings are applied. I have removed the Zen agent but the logins seem to take just as long (even if I delete all of the cached group policies).

I ran a packet trace but all looked to be working normally, the client is configured to use SLP, and SLP appears to be working as it should. I have also changed the Name resolution timeout to 1 on the client. The replicas are all stored on physical servers, all of the servers hosting actual storage or applications are all virtualized using ESX3.5.

I can post the wireshark trace if anyone thinks it would be worth looking though, thanks in advance for any other thoughts on what to check on :-)