The company i work for has 4 Novell servers installed.
a Fileserver
Groupwise server
Border manager server
and a CD server.

The border Manager is connected to a Cisco 801 ISDN router and has 2
ETH interfaces. 192.168.XXX.XXX for the internal Network and
10.0.XXX.XXX for communication with the Router.

All clients are set up with the Proxy settings pointing at the

After a reboot of the BM server it will function correctly for about
10 hours.
After that i keep on getting the :

"HTTP Error
Status : 504 Gateway Time-Out

Description : Unable to connect to origin Web server.

Note : If necessary, please contact your Systems Administrator for


The only way to fix this (temporarily) is to (here comes the strange
part), to remove the ethernet cable from the router (the one that is
hooked up to the BM server) then stick it in again and "voila" it works
again. for about 15 minutes.

A reboot of the server will fix it for aproximately 10 hours.

Anyone have ANY clue at all what might be causing this ?
I am not much of a NOVELL Guru so if you need more info from me
(version info and such) please tell me how to get it for you.
This problem is realy irritating me :(

Thanks in advance for you support.

Yours sincerely,

Erik-Jan Lindenberg