Have Netware 6.5 sp5 servers, trying to migrate to new SLES10sp1 OES2 servers using the Yast migrate netware volumes GUI.

I get the following:

Info: Starting Migration...
Info: Migrating RESEARCH to /research:RESEARCH
Info: Migrating Data from RESEARCH to /research:RESEARCH...
Info: Command: /opt/novell/migration/sbin/migfiles -s xx.xx.xx.xx -i -v RESEARCH -V RESEARCH -c /root/Desktop//migration.session > /root/Desktop/migration_migfiles.out
Error: Enter the username for the server xx.xx.xx.xx: Enter password:
- --- (at this point I enter user name and password and it says it authenticates)
Error: nbackup: Unable to retrieve the Target Service Name list from target_server_DNS_name
Error: nbackup: Connection denied
Error: nbackup: Error while writing to archive
Info: Done.

Any ideas?