3 yrs ago I put together a ZEN imaging system with a custom imaging menu (couldn't afford Engl so I made my own) - Its now ZEN 6.5

Basically 3 images ,

Windowsbase.zmg - Windows Xp syspreped
Drivers.zmg - one for each hardware included c:\drivers and c:\sysprep
Application.zmg - had C:\nalcache only that had all the apps to be installed in it.

After imaging the machine reboots about 3 times install NWclient , ZENworks 6.5, then ZEnwork 6.5 install all the application out of the cache, less traffic on the network etc.

Now 3yrs on I'm back looking at ZEN 10 in this environment, what I'm trying to identify is the way ZEN 10 installs applications. Can they still be locally cached if so is it still the same.

What I would like to do is role of the new ZENworks 10 client to the fleet, use the old imaging process adding in the new ZEN 10 client (simiply fix). but will I have to regenerate all the apps in a new format. ?