Hi all

I wonder if anyone can shed some light onto a problem we're having with the NAL screen. Using ENGL and Zenworks we have designed a solution that allows laptop users to remotely rebuild their machines using a DVD. As part of the ENGL script the build process creates a 3G partition (which is eventually hidden in Windows and NAL is configured to use this new location). During the build a NAL cache, which we have included on the DVD, is copied into the partition (this is done manually during the build and not by running NAL and pulling info. from eDirectory). The NAL cache was created using the Zenworks Virtual CD option in ConsoleOne. The reason we have done this is because the business has identified about 30 applications, which are considered core/essential apps. Using this method a user can rebuild their laptop and then once complete the machine will have all the core applications without the need to be connected to our servers and authenticated to eDirectory. It also means that application files do not need to be pulled down a very slow remote connection e.g. 3G.

The applications that were exported using the Virtual CD exist in eDirectory as standard application objects however they are not associated to any user or workstation. We simply use the objects to configure them as required and then export them each time and place them on the DVD.

Recently some of our laptop users have had icons disappear in the NAL screen and we're not sure why. Firstly I would like to confirm if NAL is clever enough, even though the application objects in eDirectory have no associations, to know that the applications in it's cache are the same as those in eDirectory (perhaps by using the GUID). That way if someone has modified or changed anything on the application it may explain why users are experiencing problems. Our understanding is that by using the virtual CD option to export applications NAL should not be affected if any changes have been made to the eDirectory objects (assuming no associations are present).

If we export the applications again from eDirectory and manually place them into the NAL cache the problem continues so I don't think it's a corruption in the NAL cache. Perhaps some registry keys need to be deleted first?

The other strange thing is that although these applications are all relevant to GroupWise (4 in total) some of them are completely standalone without any dependencies or availability rules. Despite this they all seem to have been affected.

Any ideas?