Is there a way to associate an application object with workstations or users contained in given OU and subcontainers? Let's say I have O=company and OU=div1,O=company OU=div2,O=company and so on. Is there any way to associate application object to whole O=company so that it is effectively associated to users workstations in all those OU's?
The "normal" association to O=company seems to not traverse into subdirectories. I can think of a walkaround using user and workstation groups (and modifying user templates/import policies so the future object would be automaticaly members of those groups) but it seems an ugly hack (and I read that resolving association by groups is much slower than those directly associated to OU's (I'm not sure though if it matters that much in my setup - some 150 users, about 70 workstations)).
Any other ideas?