We have found yet another problem with GW8.0. If a server (unix, windows, etc) relays a message off our GWIA and that message has an attachment that was created using UUENCODE, the GWIA will double the attachments. We have verified with Novell that this is a bug with 8.0.0. The HP1 did not fix it.

To work around, we initially rolled back our GWIA to 7.0 but, because of the GWENN version conflicts (the MTA is on the same box), we had to run the 7.0 GWIA in protected mode. This took care of the double-attachment problem but for some reason, the GWIA will abend about every 2 days -- usually sometime in the wee hours of the morning. We are a 24/7 shop with servers relaying messages off the GWIA at all hours of the day.

It came down to did we want 24-hour up time (GWIA 8.0) or single attachments (GWIA 7.0)?. We decided to go back to the GWIA 8.0 and live with the attachment issue until SP1 comes out later this year (that's when Novell said the fix would be included).

But now the double attachments are causing problems. Some of the emails are sent outside and other companies receive them and have automated processes to parse the data in the attachments. The double attachments are screwing them up.

SO..... my question is: Is it possible to run multiple GWIA's in the same system. Since the MTA/GWIA server needs both apps to be on version 8, could we build a separate server to house a secondary 7.0 GWIA. Then our normal email traffic could flow through our regular 8.0 GWIA but we could change our unix/windows servers to relay off the 7.0 GWIA until this problem is eventually fixed.