Have a production server with 200 users on it so far. Novell wants me to upgrade to 10.1.3. Created a test server with ZCM (which is what our production servers are at). Upgraded the test server to 10.1. Then went to 10.1.3. Pushed out the agent to two test workstations and all seemed fined. Server showed it was baselined. Nalwin launches applications are there. I reboot the pc and the nalwin launches but no bundles show up. Rebooted the second test pc and got the same results. Has anyone else seen this happen?
Novell basically told me to forget about the test server and just upgrade the production servers.
I dont know about you but if the upgrade isnt going well on the test server, why would I want to risk having issues with production?
Any suggestions would be great since Novell is no help on this issue.