When I run the Migration utility (OES2 SP1), and select iPrint migration, I click the "browse" button (poor word because you can't actually browse) to select the print manager.

It defaults to search [ROOT]

I tried changing the context (the docs don't mention the format it wants, so I had to use trial and error) to:


That is a valid context and it does contain the print manager I want to migrate.

However, I click Search and it hides the error box behind everything (nice to know because you're sitting there not knowing if it's doing anything, and only when you minimize all the windows and move the current window around do you see the error).

Anyway, it just says: "No Results Found"

Does the context have to be entered differently?

(it doesn't work as: .test.abc) but I don't know if it needs [ROOT] or something appended to it or what (again the docs just say to enter the context, with no indication as to the format it requires).