I was wondering if someone could help me start over on a particular
server. It appears that the old admin setup was possibly ran multiple
times because I have duplicate entries in FILTCFG under the TCP deny list.

I tried Craig's method to remove the filters.cfg file and all went as
expected. The file did not recreate itself after the reinit but did
recreate itself during the BRDCFG update.

The problem I ran into is that it still seemed to pull the old
information. I am wondering if someone ran the filtsrv migrate after
setting up the server and it is just recopying the old filters from the
NDS side (instead of just from the filters.cfg file) when I try the BRDCFG.

Any suggestions on how I can start over without the drastic steps??

Will the following process work?

1) Use FILTCFG to remove all TCP deny entries manually.
2) (??) May have to repeat step 1 for the IPX side as well, though IPX is
not configured on this server. It is just straight IP Netware 6.5 server.
3) Launch BRDCFG and have it put the entries back in as expected.

Will this work or just worsen the situation?