I have some questions on how to proceed the best way.

iPrint on NetWare 6.5.7
The Manager and broker are bound to secondary IP addresses on NetWare
The Manager/printers install with a format like:

When I'm installing the manager on OES2 SP1 Linux (in conjuction with doing an identity transfer), I have to setup the Manager, broker, and driver store.

The question is when I install/setup the manager on OES2 SP1 linux, I have to put a DNS name or an IP address in.

Does it matter which I choose?

I'm concerned that when I migrate, if I don't pick the right option, my several thousand pc's will have issues with printing and stuff.

But I'm not sure what the migration utility (in conjuction with the transferID) will do with the printer agents and whatnot.

Any ideas?

(ie, if I choose to use the IP address, I would assume the script in the transfer ID would change the IP, but then I end up with a manger on the OES2 box with the IP of the primary NetWare server, when it should have the secondary). Would that affect the printer agents?

I believe currently in Netware we load the ndpsm with the /dnsname switch

Do I even have to worry about it and just change it manually after the migration?

Sorry for all the dumb questions, but this is new (no Brainshare this year either, so no nice tech stuff on it) and the migration utility admin guide kinda leaves out some of these odd things that may not be common with other environments.