BM 3.8 SP1 on NW6 SP4. HP ProLiant DL360G3, 2 GB RAM, 2 15K RPM SCSI disks
in RAID1, 1 Gbit internet connection.

HTTP is very fast, HTTP downloads are coming in with 2 or 3 megabyte per
second (while 700 users are working via the same connection aswell). The
problem lies within the FTP part. FTP proxy is enabled on the BM. When I use
it in clients like WS_FTP, FTP is painstakingly slow. Even worse, large
files don't come in at all. We need to get PeopleSoft patches that are over
400 MB large, but are unable to download them. FTP is going at speeds of <
100 kbyte per second, and generally after 30 or 40% of the download is
complete, we get disconnected and that's it.

I tried plugging in my laptop directly to the internet connection. Without
using the proxy, I managed to download the same file within 3 minutes. Tried
the BM, almost no speed at all and disconnected after a few minutes.
Other sites are giving problems also, so it's not the PeopleSoft site that's
the cause of the problem.

Who knows what's going on ?