I have temaing set to use a gw account for the outbound email via smtp.

when I setup an new calendar entry I set time for appointment and some text in body. When appointment goes to team members groupwise the time is worng.

In the email header for the time the time set is an hour ahead. So if appointment set for 2pm in Groupwise it is 3pm.

In body of appointment the time is even worse it si EDT and 3 hours ahead? I have PDT time here in Los Angeles?

Teaming server is fine on time and my Groupwise Admin shows time in GW is fine.

This also happens with email outbound from teaming for new entry email digests from discussion folder type or file folders, etc.. In the body of digest time is EDT.

I only see time reference in liferay Enterprise Admin portal an dis is set to GMT PST.

Anyone run into this?
I love Teaming but there has to be more info or docs out there. All I see is third-party training services. Anyone have better docs then going from novell install docs to liferay archive docs?