Hello, All

Yesterday I tried to install BM 3.8 over an existing BM 3.7 SP2 as an
upgrade. Server is NW6 SP3, installed NICI 2.6 on the server and the NLM
(forgot its name) as required by the BM 3.8 install CD instructions prior to
the installation. We are not using VPN on this server, only HTTP proxy, and
it is a CERN client to an upstream BM / firewall.

Near the end of the upgrade I got an error.. "The NMAS login method could
not be created, the error returned was -603". I said OK to this and the
installation seemed to proceed and finish afterwards. I only selected the
default items in the NMAS option screen (NDS and LDAP I think).

I then installed the BM 3.8 SP1A over this.

On reboot, I received an "ACLCHECK license not installed" but this was
resolved by issuing STOPBRD and STARTBRD manually. Then, the HTTP proxy
function seemed to work fine. (I am not using authentication for this

Questions: Before I upgrade the master BM server or others, what is the
possible reason or impact of the NMAS error on install? Is there a
workaround for the licensing error?

This, and the other, servers will also be upgraded to NW 6.5. I tried the BM
upgrade first with this one, should I do the NW 6.5 upgrade first (disabling
the BM 3.7 start at autoexec), then install 3.8?

Thanks for your help & Advice!!

-- --
Dave Arre
Supervisor of Technology Operations
Bethel, CT Public Schools