Hi again!
Latest iF 3.7.
Today I noticed that one large file (~1.8GB) was not synchronized. In log(s) I don't see much, either on server nor on client. iF tries and when it reaches ... 60% it goes Idle and ... nothing, 1 item(s) not synchronized! No limits reached on server, plenty of room etc. One time (just for a moment) I saw in taskbar notice ... "ifolder full", but I can't find this message in logs and ... as I said ... from server side no problem with limits or room. This kind of problem remind me iF 3.6 behaviour! Old problems back!?
When iFolder has some limits built in ... where can I find it written? In description from Novell just ... OS limits etc, but what does it mean?
Any ideas?
More thanks, Alar.