Hello All,

We are planning on upgrading from BM 3.7 to 3.8.
We may or may not upgrade all of the slave servers to 6.5, but plans are in
place to upgrade the master 6.5.

This can't be done for a couple months though and I would like to upgrade BM
sooner than that.

I set-up a test environment like the production environment: Netware 6 SP4,
BM 3.7 SP 3 TCPIP from tcp608vrev2.exe

I configured the servers for site to site vpn and proxy. The servers were
communicating over the established vpn and proxy was working fine.

I then proceeded to upgrade the master to 3.8. All went well, or so I
thought. When the server came back up from the reboot, proxy didn't load.
loading proxy manually worked just fine.

My bigger problem was that all my filters were gone after the upgrade. I
was able to run brdcfg and have them put back, but our production servers
have a lot custom filter exceptions that I don't want to lose. The access
rules I created were still there and proxy was still configured the way I
configured it.

The site to site vpn is still established and working fine.

I ran unloaded filtsrv and loaded filtsrv migrate prior to the upgrade.

Any ideas, suggestions?