This is a weird one. I have a few problems going on. I have 2 netware 6.5 servers. My BM3.9 sp1 server is on Netware 6.5sp7 and my other server is Groupwise 7.03 on Netware 6.5sp6. My Groupwise server is strictly used for Groupwise. My BM3.9 server runs everything else for my enviornment; it is our main server for all of our data. I can vpn into and login to my BM server with no problems; however I can't ping or connect to the Groupwise server. Also I can't ping any internal workstations through the vpn. And what is even weirder is that I can't ping the private IP address of the BM3.9 server and yet I can log into it. I have the default address set up on the Groupwise to point to the private address of the BM server. I have the default address setup on the BM server to point to the ISP router that we have in our office. Also I can't browse the internet when I'm connected to the vpn and I do have as my last traffic rule to not encrypt (bypass). I have noticed that when I'm connected to the vpn that my dns settings on my laptop change to the office dns and yet I have not configured dns to be pushed through the vpn. One more thing, I have set up the hosts file on my laptop to point to internal computers. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.