SLES10sp2, OES2sp1

In iManager, when I select multiple users to LUM enable, and assign them to the two UNIX Workstation Config objects i have, I get the following error:

(Error -609) One or more of the mandatory properties for the object being created is missing.

Sometimes if I select as few as 5, it will work with no problem. Sometimes it seems to like it if I only select one workstation object and then go back and do the other. I haven't figured out the pattern. In the meantime, I'm not finding a definite answer of what the -609 error is for.

I've also tried to use namusermod, but I'm getting hung up on the -W part, for the workstation object name. Ours is: UNIX Workstation - serverName
Everytime I try the script, it complains the object doesn't exist, so I'mguessing I'm using the wrong syntax in entering it.

Any ideas?