we migrated our DHCP services from a netware server to a SUSE linux Ent. sp2 OES sp1 server this weekend.

everything went pretty well except for some confusing things.

The migrate utility didn't seem to make a new DHCP server object. Our old Netware server was called NWSERVER and our new Linux server is called LINUXSVR

installing DHCP service before the migration seemed to create a DHCP-LINUXSVR server object.

Our notes about migrating DHCP using the migrator tool warn us about not getting fooled that our dhcp object after the migration will be that original object the OES install made called DHCP-LINUXSVR. Rather, the docs explain, we should see a new object called something like OESDHCP-LINUXSVR, with all the settings from the old NETWARE server brought over.

We do not see that, we see OESDHCP-NWSERVER referring to the name of our old server. When we put that name into /etc/dhcpd.conf file the dhcpd service starts up and indeed delivers IP addresses on our network. If we go back into dhcpd.conf and put in the name of the OES install built object (DHCP-LINUXSVR) the service fails to start. So based on this we think we are using the correct object.

So .. not to be paranoid, but this is acting ok but the naming of the objecd is throwing us off. Should we be concerned? How easy is it to rename it to reflect the name of our suse linux OES server which is mecsvr1 NOT NWSERVER (the old nw server)?

Finally, we have a couple of things that do not work and we can't figure this out.

The domain name or our network which is ourcompany.com is NOT being delivered via dhcp. I cannot find anywhere in iManager where this setting is set. the old java app had it on the very fist page of the subnet when you clicked on it, on the addressing tab. I tried putting in a NEW option #15 which is called domain name, but it had no affect.

ALSO, slp is not being delivered even though it is configured before the migration and appears as a setting after the migration. (options 78 & 79)

Anybody got any ideas on this? DHCP is pretty easy to setup should we just delete all the DHCP objects and start fresh?