OES/Linux SP1 and lately i have noticed some weirdness from this server. 1 is that it takes like 1 minute from the time i enter the password (root password at the server and any remote software)to the desktop. It never took this long before. I thought something had gotten hung so i rebooted the server, it took like 5 minutes to shut down. I also noticed web services like nrm and ifolder does not login now. I can login to nrm when not using the admin in edir. So i have verified that edir is running and have logged into it fine using imanager. This server runs web sites and oes services. Some of the sites are wordpress. I have verified some of these site are not hacked (working on the other sites). Would the logs show anything cause at this time they don't seem to show anything that would be causing this problem. Where else should i be looking for this type of problem? Any oes places i should be looking? Thanks for any help