Everything has loaded fine etc and no great issues. Except I can not add clients to the DAS object. I go into C1 and enter the clients IP address and secret. Apply the settings and press ok to close the object. When I open the DAS object again the client list is empty

This is a new DAS object so its never worked. Never had Radius in the tree before
Missing Schema entries maybe?

I've seen various other posts on this, SDIdiag shows the tree keys are fine. Radius debug builds the client table properly. There are no NDS replication issues (only two replicas of the partition)

Running ConsoleOne with -debug -windowout also doesn't show any errors when editing the DAS object. It does show errors at load relating to snapins auto registering but they are all ZfD except one which is NICI. Possibly related?

I can repeat it in the following scenario's
- Running ConsoleOne 1.3.6h locally or from a mapped drive to the radius server
- Running C1 1.3.6f locally or from a mapped drive to the radius server
- Using different IP addresses, complex and non-complex passwords etc
- Deleted DAS object (.das.tech.xxx) and created a new one (.radius-das.tech.xxx)
- Various other little things tried (wrapping head in tin foil etc)

Server is
NetWare 6.5 SP8
eDirectory 8.8 SP4
Radius.nlm 4.14 6 Mar 2003
Bauthpxy.nlm 1.10 7 Sep 2001
C1 Snapins are from the BM3.8 media where I got radius.nlm and Radius radacct.atr is in sys:\etc\radius and Radius created the folders below

All this was setup as per Craig Johnson's Quick Start guide for Radius (NMAS ver) and following this TID
Cool Solutions: A New Way to Run RADIUS

Help please :)