I am wondering why it stops working.... I reapplied BM35 SP3, that did not
help, I guess the next stop is to install Netware 5.1 SP6 and them BM35 SP3.

Any other suggestions ?

From: "Jordy Leduc" <>
Subject: BM 3.5 cannot ping after a day or so
Date: Friday, June 25, 2004 9:35 AM


BM 3.5 SP3, Netware 5.1 SP2a. Has ran fine for years. Now for some reason,
the VPN drops and I cannot ping the internal or dmz cards, even if I unload
ipflt. Even with filters loaded, when working I can ping from BM to private
and DMZ.I have unloaded all BM modules and still cannot ping

A reboot fixes this.. but of course not a solution ?

Have tried the newest NAT. 6.x, does not help

Have tried the newest TCP stack, but cannot find IPSHIMP (I guess u need SP5
for Netware, guess I should have read that first :) )

Any suggestions