I am running a fresh install of 10.1 with 10.1.3 patch applied.

After deploying the agent to a workstation I can log in fine the first time using an AD account but any subsequent logins from a different account are not accepted and I recieve the 'Windows Security Message':

"Unable to log into the ZENworks realm because the system has disconnected from the network and the specified credentials did not match with the credentials cached on the system
- You must specify the credentials used to previously log into the ZENworks realm from this system"

Logging in as the original user is fine.

I have a read A LOT of similiar postings on here but cannot understand what is wrong - if this is 'by design' then I have obviously missed something fundamental - apologies, but I am getting very frustrated.

I have 1 user souce configured (AD) and am using the internal CA.

If I can provide any further info please let me know.