Below is a post from TID 3724293. It is extremely critical for me to know how many calendar type items are being deleted by a particular user(s) ... long story, don't ask. When looking at the PO log in verbose mode, I can see things being deleted by the user. But to my understanding, if a user deletes a message, it shows up as the item record being purged in the user.db then as a message record being purged when the actual message is being removed.

Line 22922 : 05:37:15 120 Purge item record (userX)
Line 22923 : 05:37:15 120 Purge message record (userX)
Line 22924 : 05:37:15 120 Purge item record (userX)
Line 22925 : 05:37:15 120 Purge message record (userX)

It is also my understanding (probably incorrect) that when a calendar type item is removed, it too shows up as a item record that is being purged but there will be no corresponding message record being removed. So if all that is true, if I subtract the number of "Purge message record" from the number of "Purge item record" for a given user, what is left over should equal the number of calendar items removed.

Someone please tell me I am right.. or I guess I will live with being wrong as well. We are using restore areas but I have to prove that the system is not at fault for calendar items disappearing.

Purge Execution Record:
An execution record is created for users that use Notify. Execution records are created every time the user needs to be notified of a new mail and it is these records that Notify consumes. Once the user has been notified or the parent item is deleted the execution record is effectively expired. These get purged during GWChecks or when the client, for example, empties trash.

The purging of Message Records and Item Records are related. To understand them you need to understand the Single Copy Message Store method that GroupWise uses. When a message is sent to a user, or multiple users on a Post Office, the message is stored in the message databases and a pointer placed in each recipient's user database. This reduces the size of the message store. When a user deletes a mail they are only deleting the pointer from their user database. Once all users in the post office have deleted the message then the record from the message database is also removed.
So, the POA log entries correspond to a user removing the item by either archiving it or emptying trash (Purge Item Record) or the POA cleaning up the message database record after all users have removed the item (Purge Message Record).